Business Mindset (Essential Characteristics)

Business Mindset (Essential Characteristics)
Business Mindset (Essential Characteristics)

Essential Characteristics of Growth and Business Mindset – Killer Instincts

You are either the hunter or a prey. Choose the one that best suits you. Remember: just because we influenced the evolution of our species with modern medicine, it doesn’t mean that everything is mellow. It’s not. It’s a war out there and if you are not aware of that fact, you will fail.

Instinct is knowing the answer before thinking.

Because, the ones on top, are the ones with distinct killer instincts. They are the wolves among the 7 billion sheep.

What makes the wolf a wolf? He is perfectly adapted killer. He can kill on his own if needed but prefers group hunting. His senses are always on the edge. He never relaxes.

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You think it’s easy to be on the top of the World?

Ask Gates, or Branson, or Trump, or Musk, what it takes to reach that top. And even when you reach it, you are continuing with the fighting because:
A) You want to secure your current position and push it even further;
B) You got used to fighting. It’s in your blood.

It’s that killer instinct that makes it possible to rise after you fall.

If you are a man, you have it. It’s in you, buried under the sediments of wrong beliefs and preprogrammed fails. You just need to wake it up.

Keep in mind that the only thing that differentiates humans from wolves is the fact that we have trading and they don’t. Turn off the lights across this planet and you will see it. We would switch in our basic survival mode and blood would flow like a river.

And that’s exactly what you need – to switch on your basic instincts. To go in pure survival mode. Only this time you won’t be killing anything. You will take out prize after a prize. That’s the prey now. And you’ll be using the weapon of the modern time – money.

Those who figured that out are now leaders of the World.

But in order to lead, you need something else.


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