Business Mindset [Adjusted Moral Standards]

Business Mindset [Adjusted Moral Standards]
Adjusted Moral Standards for Business Mindset

Adjusted Moral Standards For Business Mindset

Will you step on some toes on your way up? Can you avoid civilian casualties in war? If you are too sensitive about other people feelings and their fate, you will never reach the top of anything. It’s a battle and collaterals are unavoidable. It’s the competition and no other species comes even close to us in terms of competitiveness.

Why are we so competitive?

When Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas, “Wall Street”) said, “Greed is good,” everybody started bitching about it. But the truth is: if you don’t wish, you won’t get it. It’s the Law of Attraction in one hand and Law of Intention in other if you believe in that.

Greed is a determination to win the battle and finally the war. It is to be #1 and win the race. Greed is to discover something new. It is to upgrade something in use. Greed is nothing more than a wish to be rich and live your life in abundance because there is a possibility for it.

Why living in misery and pain when you have the system allowing you to live easy and happy? Does that make you greedy? No, it makes you smart, adaptive, and above all, it’s what makes you a human being.

Business Mindset [Adjusted Moral Standards]
Adjusted Moral Standards for Business Mindset
In its essence, greed is an engine of human species and one thing that separates us from the majority of other species on this beautiful planet. Our eye for beautiful and astonishing gave birth to a virtual value of gold, platinum, diamonds. That will never change. It’s who we are.

And when something is astonishing, we want more of it. Women desire a larger diamond. Men desire a larger and more powerful car. We both desire a large house with a big ass swimming pool. In short, more the merrier.

Then came the trading. And ever since we invented it, we stopped fighting for pure survival against the elements of nature. Survival transformed into greed. And greed got you the modern medicine that saved your life on several occasions already.

In fact, it is highly questionable would you even exist if it wasn’t for greed. Think about that next time you hear someone bitching about “how greedy he is.”

It’s that greed that partially makes us so adaptable.

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