Business Mindset [Courage and Integrity]

Business Mindset
Business Mindset Should have Courage and Integrity

Business Mindset Should have Courage and Integrity

You remember those days when you were just a boy, watching older boys climbing the trees? At that moment, you were sure that someday, not far from then, you’ll climb even the bigger one. Business Mindset Should have Courage and Integrity to improve your business successfully.

That day came pretty soon. Cheered and guided by your like-minded peers, you achieved your goal – you reached the highest branches of that big tree. Next time, you chose even bigger one. Everybody gathered around you and you started your climb. But then you father came. Your peers ran away and he was waiting for you to climb down so he could pound your ass for being so reckless. One thing happened at that moment: your courage was taken away from you under the influence of deadly wrong dogma, known as “responsible adult.”

Would you climb that tree if your father hasn’t shown up? Most certainly. Is climbing trees dangerous thing to do? Most certainly is. Yet, that danger had little to no influence on you. But “responsible adult” on the other hand did.

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Nowadays, when you’re all grown up, do you behave any different from your father? Is your father a successful man? Is any of those “responsible adults” that were tutoring you and yelled at you for every stupid little thing successful in any way? Are you successful?

The truth is: that kid had far bigger balls than you have now as a fully grown man! He didn’t cave in from real physical danger, while you’re caving in from ridiculous things such as quitting your dull and useless 9-5 to make something out of yourself. What are you afraid of? You don’t hide, trying to save your ass wherever you go. You question, you push, you challenge. Don’t believe the hype and always take with reserve what other people tell you. You question the authorities and don’t take everything for granted.

Business Mindset

Business Mindset
Business Mindset Should have Courage and Integrity

It doesn’t mean that you will buzz around like a blind fly, busting your head against the walls. You are courageous but not stupid. There is a profound difference. In our time, being courageous means to seize the opportunity when you spot one.

What it doesn’t mean is to try to hide behind numerous analyses, tests, and researches in order to prove how something won’t fly. And you are doing that simply because you don’t have the guts to do it! That’s the real truth here my friend. If you want to move away from that loser mindset, you need the following.

#4. That’s integrity:

“We are going to send the man to the Moon not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard.” – Kennedy

Hardly anything describes the term “integrity”, in a context of its value to the men. And they did it. That’s integrity. If you say you’ll do something – stick to it. Put your money where your mouth is. Once you set your mind to something make it happen and don’t just dream about it. Because the truth is: everything is achievable. Everything.

Start by not making promises that you can’t keep. It may be a cliché but it is one of the greatest virtues.
Of course, you cannot really live like a saint. Some parts of your matrix have to be adjusted to circumstances and new environment.

Next #5.  Adjusted moral standards

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