Business Mindset [Equilibrium Characteristics of Growth]

Business Mindset
Equilibrium Characteristics of Growth and Business Mindset

Equilibrium Characteristics of Growth and Business Mindset

Our main problem is we don’t know the key technique for a winning business mindset. Laws of attraction and intention are tricky businesses. By now it is clear that there is something universal with those two. The fact is that you’ll get what you ask for.

For example, if you are all negative and pissed (your adrenaline and cortisol levels are high while dopamine and serotonin are low) because you think your neighbourhood is not cleaned properly, every time you walk or drive, all you’ll be noticing will be the trash. You won’t see the flower, hot neighbour or a cute little puppy. You’ll spot trash bins and a pile of shit on a sidewalk which will piss you even more.

However, if you are happy and focused on positive, that piece of ass won’t skip your thorough sight. Remember that. Move away from the atmosphere of severe negativism, aggressiveness, narrow-mindedness, primitivism and depression!

Business Mindset

Business Mindset
Equilibrium Characteristics of Growth and Business Mindset

But both of those laws are demanding certain equilibrium, meaning that you cannot always take and in the same time cannot always give. Both will drain you in a short period of time. You need to balance.

If you are on your way up, crushing competition all over the place, you need to compensate. It’s the law of nature. You are wreaking havoc thus; you need to do every effort to install order somewhere else. In our case, that means charity for most of the times.

Tax deductions are not the sole reason why companies are actively involved in helping others or sponsoring the sports. We know that we have to make equilibrium; otherwise, we are risking exposition to the things outside our influence or control. Call it a higher power or whatever you like, it’s there and it’s affecting everybody.

Same is the other way around

If you are constantly giving, you will soon feel empty and start to question your sole existence. You will drain all of your resources. And not only the financial ones. You’ll drain your spirit. Because, being a Good Samaritan is great, but it can kill you if you don’t compensate here and there. You have to be able to receive. It’s critical.

These are the 7 principle traits, essential for success. Each and every one of us possesses all 7. They allow us to move beyond the mentality of the soldier and get closer to the mentality of the warrior. Because, unlike a soldier, a warrior has nothing to lose. Warrior is already aware that he is dead, so he’s making the best out of it. He will kill, take, give, push, challenge, explore, analyze and finally reach the victory.
Become a warrior and make the impact.

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