Business Mindset (Adaptability)

Business Mindset Adaptability
Business Mindset Adaptability

Business Mindset Adaptability

Yeah, screw the honesty everybody is preaching about. A successful man is pragmatic. He is capable of sudden shifts in direction. He can adapt to a situation in a nanosecond. And in most cases that means that someone’s feelings will get hurt. So preaching about honesty simply won’t fly. It’s a cynicism.

For example, let’s say that you are running a business and you saw a sudden possibility to expand your reach. You want to offer some new product or a service in a new way that will make killer sales. In the same time, you are aware that you’ll do damage to some poor guy across the street, who is busting his balls to sell the same thing. He’s doing that in order to feed his family.

What do you do?

Chivalry would be to give up from the idea and let that guy make more money since it was him who started first. But it’s a one-time deal. If you miss it, you will make a direct negative impact on the level of well-being of your own family. Because, same as him, you are the protector of and provider for your family.

Business Mindset Adaptability
Business Mindset Adaptability

So…A proper business decision would be to seize the opportunity, crush the competition and rule the market. You simply adapted to the current demands and answered them.

And this is only the example on the local level. You can only imagine the extent of these clashes when you are running a corporation or waging the war.
Do you see chivalry anywhere?

But it’s not like you will live and operate as some selfish being. There is a great difference between being greedy and being selfish.

First is a positive trait that gave birth to many advances we are using today. It’s the very thing that allowed us to rise in numbers in such a short period of time.

The second one presents the terminal danger for the well-being of our species. It inhibits the predominant factor of our success – collaboration. We wouldn’t be where we are right now if we didn’t form groups and share our knowledge. We did that far more effective than any other species on this planet.

Extreme hedonism or selfishness of contemporary men is an error in the basic program of individuals and it has to be eradicated for the benefits of the group. It’s all about the proper balance.

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