Essential Characteristics of Growth and Business Mindset

Essential Characteristics of Growth and Business Mindset

As with virtually every other skill, adaptation to system is achieved through brain training in order to increase the number of connections between two cerebral hemispheres. Make no mistake; every skill can be mastered by practically any person. All it takes is willingness. It’s just the way our brain is programmed.

The following 7 characteristics present the optimal basic configuration of the successful business mindset:

#1. Intelligence:

This doesn’t mean that you have to score A’s on every SAT. Heck, school grades have little to do with the later success anyway. You have examples of men who quitted formal education in the age of 15 and still managed to make their way to the top.

Because, if there’s one thing they don’t teach in schools, that’s how to be financially literate and how to succeed. They are paid to prep you for the job and that includes some specific skill, which, by the way, is probably already rendered obsolete. People are forgetting about automation driven by the robotics and AI.

Current education system is helpless when it comes to the kind of intelligence we all need in our contemporary society. Far better description would be the “operative intelligence,” where man is capable of analyzing his odds in a matter of a single second, when facing the challenge or problem.

In order to do so, one has to practice the state of constant situational awareness. This is the state where you pay attention to your closest environment and continuously scan statics and dynamics around you, whether you are on the move or standing in one place. You monitor, analyze, calculate, and finally execute the decision. That decision can be anything. From need to carry an umbrella due to the high possibility of rain, to execution of a business decision, where you’ll try to dominate one segment of the market through the specific technological advancement in a form of an innovation (patent).

This is arguably one of the most important traits of successful men from the dawn of the species. Ability to recognize the danger before it strikes or to seize the opportunity beforehand is what separates soldier from the warrior. Prey from the killer. Lamb from the wolf.

#2. Killer Instincts

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