Hosted Crawl Solution Compared To Web Scraping Software

Hosted Crawl Solution Compared To Web Scraping Software

Web scraping is a very well recognized concept nowadays, not only because there is a massive amount of data surrounding us but also because it is already consumed. Let’s explore the gaps between going for DIY components by choosing a hosted crawl-solution or a hosted data acquisition on a vendor stack.

We may generally classify scraping parameters into one-time and ongoing requirements. These two need to be transformed further connected on small-scale and large-scale.

Categorization of scraping

For visualization purposes, let us presume that a large size requires 100 or more websites, while a small size contains five or fewer.

One-time scraping specifications on a software- Typically, people search for software that they don’t want to waste a lot of time describing their desires to a supplier with one-time needs. This works because you have elementary sources with which to deal. You define the fields you want to scrap into the tool, hit the submit key, and you’ve scraped your data on the screen in a CSV file after some minutes afterward the background processing. Nice!

Challenges with a program

The problem is evolved while adding some more websites, which are not simple, and collecting several other fields. It is not uncommon to press on each area to be retrieved from each site in your database and then disturbed by surprises following your search. Worse still, occasionally, the crawls might have gone up to 99 percent and then failed, putting you somewhere like a fairyland. You wouldn’t know whether it would fix the issue again. So you hit a question at the tech support center or would love to hear the website block all the bots.

Vis-à-vis the solution hosted

Compare this while you are using a hosted vendor solution with crawling abilities.

Simple – A crawling vendor provides clusters that run 24 /7 on many computers. This is important to ensure that such platforms consistently deliver data to all their clients. A scraping software can fail if it does not have available servers to perform a crawling.


Almost all of these providers design their network with the maximum possible number of clients and sources. As far as individual design decisions can be considered, the size is not a concern, and any specifications can be addressed. Many methods get stuck as the size increases. We had customers who were trying to run scraping software for a full day to retrieve information from a massive website and their computers are dead.


All the DIY solution rarely follows monitoring. The extraction tool uses a method for extracting data from a specific website each week, and almost every month, the site changes its structure. Such problems are solved with a host solution because warning systems are in place on their platforms.

Failure and support

The supports are provided mostly by sellers when something unexpected happens with crawling jobs or when data is not accessible on time. Life is so simple there. If it is a tool that you use, you are at the control of the help center.

From the clients

To make this idea more concrete, here are several verbatim questions we got previously.

Can content be collected in compliance with our requirements rather than by deepening the domain? We already use X and find it incredibly hard to have the page’s core content and the scope of the scraping barriers to not having content across all topics? – X is the Service Platform with which you can create modules to set your crawlers—more than software.


We currently use Y to crawl and would like to balance the importance you can give. If there is some way, you can model a system and extract content to our desires, because using the service of Y was only helpful to a limited extent.

Regardless of the once or recurrent needs, large-scale crawling often needs constant monitoring and help, whether small or massive. You can use scraping software if it is less expensive than trying a quality vendor’s scraping service to derive your limited requirements. The bottom line is that if crawling is not the stuff of your skill, it is better to get connected with the vendor because crawling is really a tedious workflow still now.

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