Airbnb Data Scraping: A Guide for The Industry Leaders of Travel


Airbnb, which was created in 2008 and has become more than twelve years old, has grown to become the world’s largest accommodation platform. The company has over 160 million reviews and offers to book for more than 3.5 million accommodations in 33,000+ cities and 191 countries. With this article, you will learn how to scrape Airbnb data for your next project efficiently

The Game-Changer: Airbnb Data

Travelers will make better choices while looking for the right place to stay for a brief period of time, thanks to the numerous filters and data points accessible. The key success factor is the choice of location. A host who offers a spare room in New York may attract clients from all over the world. So every traveler can find inspiration.

Airbnb data contains more than necessary for statistical analysis, competitive advantages and well-timed marketing campaigns. With Airbnb data, you can successfully boost your business and achieve better hotel bookings by finding out the best places for your target audience to stay at.

All you need is an account on the website, followed up by some Python code and a database where you can store the scraped data.

Web Scraping Airbnb – Data Points Available

You’d expect to crawl those data points with each product while scraping data from every database with product listings.

  • Price
  • Type of room – Suite/studio, dorm, private room, etc.
  • Type of location: City/Town
  • Distance from central points (airport)
  • Number of rooms available;
  • Additional notes – reviews, decoration, amenities, etc.

Airbnb is a marketplace that offers bookings for a short period of time for various types of properties such as apartments, houses and bed & breakfasts. Nowadays many people prefer to discover new places through the website and enjoy their holidays. So the site provides lots of helpful information while browsing through its listings. It allows users to find the ideal place for a stay and enable them to stay in private residences that are well-prepared for their needs and desires.

The Benefits of Scraping Data of Airbnb 

Scraping Airbnb listings may include a wealth of information, but various data points may be utilized in a variety of forms to aid in different business decisions. Travelers can make much better choices when reviewing a listing based on the following data provided by Airbnb.

Further features such as booking dates, guest counts and available beds can be derived using an automated web scraper. The data can be manipulated with Python scripts and SQL to determine the effects on pricing and availability. It can also help you find out the best times to book your property so that you have full occupancy during peak time periods. Therefore, scraping data from Airbnb listings offers you plenty of possibilities while helping you earn more at the same time.

Appropriate Pricing

Even if you do anything else well, the client may continue to use your services unless the price is spot on. The price of your property needs to be right. Some people may not be willing to pay for a 4-star hotel, but they would undoubtedly feel the same way if they booked through Airbnb.

The other important thing you need to do is make sure you are not highly overvaluing your property—we all know how people can get carried away! One benefit of dealing with Airbnb is that it provides a good host rate for businesses without spending huge sums of money on advertisement and marketing campaigns.

By scraping Airbnb, you will determine the areas to target

Setting up the ideal lodgings will not be enough to attract many visitors unless the venue is ideal. It is important for you to choose the best location that is nearest to your target audience. Yet, you will also need to set aside some time for scouting out the area before booking.

It does not mean that you will have to go on a quest or climb up the mountain to identify the place, but you need only collect as much data as possible about the surroundings and get a sense of whether it is suitable or not so that you do not end up with negative reviews.

Identifying the Most Desired Features

Not all the Airbnb listing has the same amenities. However, there are a few who are popular to those with the highest scores. So it is not a bad idea to identify the data that your target audience clicks on, and you can find out which features are the most sought after according to your target market.

Analyzing Reviews

According to Airbnb, “your host score is calculated by averaging all of the reviews for your listing that are either positive or negative.” So it is important that you do everything possible to grab positive reviews in order to get a good host rating.

This, though, would necessitate a significant amount of time and effort. That is why we created a tool that allows you to scrape data from Airbnb and perform all the necessary analysis without making any effort. It is also a great idea to use our web scraping API to automate the process even further.

Locating Underserved Destinations

Hundreds of thousands of hotels and lodgings represent the world’s most iconic tourist destinations, such as Paris, Rome, London, and New York. Many of these top spots have an instantly recognizable and iconic appeal. However, there are far less well-known destinations for many travelers that catch their attention—one of the most popular and lesser known destinations in Montreal, with about 15,000 listings.

However, for many travelers with limited time and money, these locations may be too far to travel. That is why Airbnb provides accommodations filled with authenticity, such as unique tours and experiences in each destination.

Secondary Services Provision

The hotel business is not self-contained. It’s in step with the rest of the travel industry. When you have visitors in your place, you give them a chance to visit the surrounding areas as well.

Airbnb has its secondary services, such as; After the user has viewed a listing on Airbnb, they are encouraged to check out what else they can do while traveling in that area. It provides information about top sights and activities around that area. It also helps hosts earn more because they can advertise some of their favorite businesses with links to their site or social media accounts.


Many people now prefer Airbnb over other sites as it has a lot more variety of properties. It also has much better service and is cheaper than other hotel booking websites. The ratings of Airbnb do not reflect the amount of time it takes to find a decent place to stay. There are a handful of great options and quality establishments that are always there for you.

On the downside, most travelers do not book through Airbnb as it has infrastructure issues and has been accused of fraud several times in the past. For all this information, though, most people agree that Airbnb is one of the best alternatives to hotels when traveling.

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