7 Best Web Scraping Experts You’d Love to Work With [2021]

Best web scraping experts

By mining for data on the internet, you can gather information for things such as generating sales leads, marketing research and tracking your online reputation. All of these are vital to ensuring that your business and its online presence grows at a rate that is most effective for you. If web scraping is something that would interest you, here are some of the best web scraping experts in Upwork that you can work with.

Michael Y.

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Michael is a Silicon Valley based data engineer. Here he is in his own words:

I have over 15+ years of extensive background in data engineering, from data scraping, data cleansing, to data analysis. I have been working in multiple data-driven internet companies in Silicon Valley. I have first hands-on experience building the entire end to end data pipeline.

My breadth and depth of experience in quite a few business domains such as real estate data, job-career related data, lead generation provides me the ability to quickly come up with a hypothesis, adopt the correct tools and methodology to institute a resolution

Farque A.

Faruque is based in Rajshahi, Bangladesh and features a 100% success rate. He offers his services at a range of $29.00 to $50.00 an hour and has completed 121 jobs with over $100k+ earnings and 6,848 hours worked.

best web scraping experts in Upwork and wscraper.com

Here are some testimonials from his clients:

Faruque did a wonderful work. He is not only very talented in the web scraping process, he is also a very good communicator… a rare skill in the freelance world. We will use his service again with no fear! He delivered the work in a timely manner! Forget about the other bidders, go with this guy: you will not regret it!

Faruque is a very talented scraper and programmer. We are working on a very complex job and he has worked very hard to make the job a success. Looking forward to working with him again.

And here is Faruque in his own words:

I’m data engineer & bot developer specializing in web scraping & automation, with emphasis on a tight feedback loop with clients.

Providing best quality Web Scraping services and EXPERT in Custom Bot Development & Automation, data mining / extraction / crawling / screen scraping, parsing & Reporting Services. Additionally API Creation and Extraction from API and Manipulation DATA as per demands are included in my services list.

I am a pretty fast learner [Workaholic] who is able to find simple solutions for seemingly complex problems.”

Sean B.

Sean is based in San Antonio, Texas and has a 88% success rate. He offers his services for $150.00 an hour, has worked 231 hours and has earned over $30k+.

best web scraping experts

In his own words:

I have a degree in neuroscience and have been a Python enthusiast for the last 2 years. During that time I have gotten the opportunity to solve many incredible problems (ranging from web scraping to web automation and business automation) for a variety of people from research professors, consulting firms, small to medium sized business owners and beyond.

David M.

best web scraping experts

David is a new web scraper from Seattle, Washington with seven hours worked over 10 jobs, over $10k+ earned, an 91% success rate and has a $99.00 hourly rate.

Jessica C.

Jessica is based in Louisville, Kentucky and boasts a 100% success rate, a $50.00 hourly rate, over $50k+ in earnings, and a completion of 72 jobs with 923 hours worked.

best web scraping experts

I discovered Python is my favorite language to code in. I utilized this passion to develop strong web scraping and data management skills, such as ETL. These days, I’ve gotten pretty good at extracting profitable details from various sources.

Mikhail D.

Mikhail, a Novosibirsk, Russia based coder offers a $54.00 hour rate, and has earned $40k+ over 51 jobs over 747 hours worked. He describes himself saying,

best web scraping experts

The last 5 years of my career I have worked full stack web developer.I have the experience of creating fast, modern and secure web applications that will be easy to maintain and develop in the future.

Xavier P.

Another best web scraping expert, Xavier is based in Nancy, France, offers a $75.00 hourly rate and has earned $10k+ with 14 jobs and 327 hours worked.

best web scraping experts near me

He describes himself as an expert in data scraping, web crawling, data extraction, data mining, web automation and form automation solutions, as well as API (XML/JSON) data feeds creation, who already scraped hundreds of websites.

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