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What is Firewall And How Does It Work


Firewall A firewall is a network security program or device that monitors outgoing and incoming network traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic threat based on a predefined set of security rules. Firewalls have been a first layer of defense in network security for many years. They [...]

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Web Crawling and Data Security [100% Informative]

web crawling

What is Web Crawling? Web crawling is a process which involves web crawlers to systematically browse the World Wide Web, for the purpose of Web indexing. Web crawlers often called as spiders or spider-bot. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo uses these web crawlers to update their web content or [...]

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What is Data Harvesting and How To Prevent It

data harvesting

What is Data Harvesting? As we know that the verb harvest is used to indicate the analogy with agriculture where the fruits have to be harvested before they fall from the plants, in the same way one can harvest data from various websites. Data harvesting is the process of extracting [...]

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What is Web Scraping and How to Use it

web scraping

What is Web Scraping? In a nutshell, web scraping is the technique of extracting large amount of data from various websites. However, the data is extracted and saved to a local file in your computer or to a database in the spreadsheet format. Data on most of the existing websites [...]

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Web Scraping Services for Your Million Dollars Business

web scraping services

Abоut web ѕсrарing services Wеb раgе ѕсrарing ѕеrviсеѕ аrе uѕеd to еxtrасt dаtа from different wеbѕitеѕ раgеѕ оn the Wоrld Widе Wеb, аnd it аlѕо inсludеѕ ѕаving еxtrасtеd data in a ѕinglе dаtаbаѕе fоr еаѕу ѕеаrсhing, ѕоrting, аnd filtеring. Yоu саn use thеѕе wеb scraping ѕеrviсеs to rеtriеvе аll the [...]

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