Cloud-Based Web Scraping for Big Data Applications

Cloud-Based Web Scraping for Big Data Applications

Cloud-Based Web Scraping

As the name suggests, web scraping is the act of gathering, processing, and analyzing data from the World Wide Web. Although web scraping and web crawling are more technically inclined, both have one thing in common. And that is you. As long as you have a web browser and an internet connection, you can start exploring websites. You are the one who decides what sites you visit, what pages you click on, and what you click on.

What Is Web Scraping Technologies?

Web scraping technology includes algorithms for various analysis purposes. Some of the most common web scraping algorithms include Word-level regex: For the sake of processing the text content on a website, a word-level regex is used.

How web Scraping can benefit your company

Web scraping can be beneficial in a number of ways for companies. It helps deliver fast results, usually stored in a document or on the company website. It also enables the company to improve and optimize customer service. One of the biggest benefits of using web scraping technology is real-time information on market trends.

Companies can use web scraping to assess consumer satisfaction, the performance of their products and services, and monitor their competitors’ economic status. They can also use it to track, analyze, and evaluate their production processes and customers’ behavior. It is also very helpful for companies to have quick access to their large, in-house data sets and customer data.

Tracking your competitors

Search engines track every online site to index it and rank it on the search engine results page. Any discrepancies in terms such as price, quantity, or delivery time of competitors and their respective products will greatly hurt their overall performance. If you are a fast-growing startup, you could use a web scraping service to mine your competitors’ data and analyze them.

What this means is that you could establish a network of data points by analyzing past competitor’s practices and develop a robust online presence, compete effectively, and boost your brand visibility.

Reaching out to more potential customers

Today, companies are trying to meet consumer needs by offering new products, apps, and services. And to do so, companies need access to consumer data to gather insights and make informed decisions. But companies need to pay the cloud hosting costs, which are usually based on a monthly fee.

Fortunately, cloud-based web scraping technology lets companies free access to massive data at a low cost. Also, cloud-based web scraping is able to make reports for big data analytics in a few seconds or minutes, which is much faster than the traditional way of storing and processing big data. With big data analytics and a data source like web scraping, companies can reach more potential consumers by serving them targeted ads.

Setting up the best selling price

One of the practical uses of web crawling technology is calculating the best price to sell to specific customers. This is beneficial in the context of online shopping. You may say that you can get the best deal from Amazon when they give you the lowest price, but it is unlikely to get the best price from competitors or online traders.

For that, it is most likely that you may have to go for a national or international e-commerce site. Customer analytics allows companies to understand their clientele and target the right customers. For instance, if you are selling tires for your car, the customer must get the right tires.

Improving the products as the customers would like

Consider this scenario: You have created a massive catalog with millions of products to sell. You only have a database with a few months worth of customer records to analyze and analyze every detail about your customer base. You have to examine your customers’ day-to-day patterns and quickly detect price changes and customer response to pricing.

If you do not keep track of customer data, you could lose out to your competitors in the market. As you continue to analyze the data, you could discover ways to increase your sales and product variety. As soon as you pinpoint any patterns that you can control, you could improve the products you are selling, easily compare the costs because everyone wants to save money.


Web scraping is a very essential and crucial part of the big data analytics industry. Using web scraping, you can retrieve relevant and reliable data to help your organization make important business decisions.

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