How Web Scraping Services Can Change The Face Of Struggling Startups


US has always been a land of innovation. Even today, the legacy continues and the nation has the highest density of startups in the world. With new startups being established every day, it is indeed a challenge to survive and make a stand. Another aspect of the modern world that we cannot ignore is the importance of web data. For startups and small businesses, the road to business expansion is along the paths of web content scraping.


Read on to find out how web scraping can be a part of your startup’s growth story.

1.Marketing Startups

One of the biggest challenges for startups is reaching out to the correct audience about the product or service that they offer. With web scraping, this can be tackled effectively.

Let us consider an example wherein your startup comes out with a homemade food delivery service (or anything else for that matter). Some social media research tells you that a similar service provider has 10k+ followers.

With the latest data extraction tools, experts can help you extract every single of those 10k+ followers. So along with that data, you can directly inbox them with your promotional campaigns.

SO, the reach will be much better than you sending your advertising posts to random people as the people are already interested in the type of services you offer.

2.Market Analysis

For any business, market analysis is an important part of the business. This is more crucial for startups as they do not usually have the financial luxury to afford a mistake. That is when web scrapping services come to play.

Let’s say, we have a startup that manufactures machine spare parts. There are some 25 to 30 machine parts that it produces. If this startup knows how to extract data from the website of competitors, it can easily figure out the market price of the same.

Now, if they sell their products at 10% less price, they will be able to establish a loyal customer base which is the first step to a growing business.

3.Database Enrichment

Any large business relies on its past data to understand customer demands and come up with products or services.

The challenge that startups face is that they do have their data to rely on. With website extractor tools, you will have access to a much larger pool of data. This will not just help you in building a database for your new service or product, but it will also help you in making business decisions.

You will also have the luxury of adding product metrics from other platforms. Thus, a thorough understanding of data scraping software will allow startups to foster innovation and improve the quality of the product or service that they have to offer.

4.Information From Large Datasets

In the initial days, money is a constraint for most startups and one cannot afford to make mistakes. Many startups these days employ deep learning techniques to come up with business models.

Building a training set becomes much simpler if you know how to scrape a website. People with expertise in this area will go for Html scraping of multiple websites at a go.

That way, startups will be in a better position to predict a competitor’s pricing. Having a website scrapping consultant will give startups an analysis of the data that has been extracted and build predictive models based on that.

With that, startups can also have access to larger predictive models such as that of predicting the stock market. This will give them a headstart in the competitive business world.

5.Brand Monitoring

The average customer today is much more conscious than that in the last decade. These days, it is a general tendency of people to check for product reviews before making a purchase. The same goes for services as well. As a startup, one of the simplest ways of improving yourself is by taking feedback from your customers. With the latest web data extractor tools, startups can aggregate ratings and reviews from multiple platforms.

This includes extracting feedback from different websites and social media networks and then aggregating them for business understanding purposes. It will help startups understand where they are shining ahead and places where they are lagging.

Professional web scraping consultancy services will allow you to get such data sets from your competitors. With that, you can come up with a product or service that is free from the flaws that your competitors are having.

6.Access To Company Data

The last decade has seen more data being generated than what was created in the last century. In countries like France, the government has opened its data to the world.

However, it is still not very simple for startups to have information such as the date of creation, number of employees, business category and other details of some other organization. That is when the role of a web scraping expert comes to play.

An experienced web scraping consultant will be able to look up a company on LinkedIn, AngelList, YellowPages and other such websites based on the organization’s typology. They can capture what a layman can never able to achieve.

Such professionals will be able to attribute the scores on the data collected and present an aggregated result. This will give startups all the information for making better business decisions.

Thus, as you can see, scrapping and crawling are allowing startups to channelize their innovations to reach the correct target audience. Such is the potential of scraping solutions, that those who do not make the most of it will be left behind in the rat race.

To avoid making such a mistake, it is always better to seek the assistance of a professional scraping solution provider.

Mr. Faruque Azam has been the face of scraping solutions for several startups and has played an instrumental role in their success story.

So, if you are looking to boost the sales of your organization by making the most of web scrapping, reach out to him and see your business shine.

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