What is Keystroke Logging, Uses and Types

keystroke logging

Keystroke Logging

Keystroke logging is also known as keyboard capturing. Similarly, it has other name as keylogging. This is the process of recording, and keys stroke logging on the keyboard. The keyboard using individual will not know that their actions will capture and monitor. The person operating the logging algorithm will retrieve data. A keylogger is a type of software or hardware.

While these programs have special importance and allows employers to use their computers only for their work purpose. The use of keyloggers is to steal emails, passwords and other confidential information from the source computer.

The use of Keylogging is to study the interaction between human–computer. There are many methods and they are of hardware and software.

A keylogger is also known as keystroke logging. It is a type of surveillance software. On installing in the system, it gets the power to record every keystroke made on that system. And also save the recording in the encrypted log file.

A keylogger can record your emails, messages, and capture any information that you type using your keyboard at any time. It also includes personally identifiable information like passwords and usernames. Next, sends the log file of a keylogger to the receiver server. Some of the keylogger programs also records email addresses and the visited website URLs of the system.

keystroke logging

Who Uses Keyloggers?

Keyloggers is a checking tool to make sure employees use work computers, only for business purpose and not for personal use. There’s also a growing market for parents who want to use keyloggers. As they are useful to stay informed about a child’s online activities and searches.

How to know About Installation of Keystroke Logger 

Generally, a spyware or anti-virus program will detect and report presence of any keylogger software on the system. Also, you can view keylogger in the Task Manager. You can view the list of current programs on any Windows PC by pressing ctrl+alt+del on the keyboard together.  In the list, if you find any names which are not known to you search online to determine the type of the program. In this way you can know about the installation of keystroke logger.

Types of keyloggers

A hardware-based keylogger is having a small device that serves as a connector between your computer keyboard and the computer. This device is designed to favor an ordinary keyboard PS/2 connector, as a part of the computer cabling or a USB adapter. Hence, this is useful for anyone who wants to monitor the user’s behavior. 

Most keyboards plug into the back panel of the computer. This helps to keep the connections out of the user’s sight line. A hardware keylogger also come in the form of a small computer chip module that is to install inside the keyboard. When the user strikes the keys, the keylogger collects each keystroke in the form of text in it’s own hard drive. The hard drive may have a good memory capacity. The person who installed the keylogger must have to physically remove the device. To get information present in the drive. There are also wireless keylogger sniffers. This will intersect and decrypt all data packets. That will transfer information between a wireless keyboard and receiver.

Detection, Prevention and Removal

An anti-keylogger is a important software especially designed to detect any type of keyloggers on the computer. Thus, typically compares all files present in the computer’s database of keyloggers system. This will give a signal or indicates the presence of a hidden keylogger software or hardware. The anti-keylogger software is especially designed to detect keylogging software. They have the potential to be more effective than conventional. Some of the antivirus software do not detect keylogger as a virus or a threat. 

There are various types of keyloggers, which uses various methods to find keystrokes. There is no single removal or detection method as it is the effective and helpful for the case.


The Anti-keylogger is a specific type of software to scan for software keyloggers. Compare the files on a computer against checklist of common keylogger attributes or a keylogger signature base. You can do this more effectively using an anti-keylogger. As this is more effective than using an anti-spyware or antivirus program.

Depending on the techniques the anti-spyware application has many uses. It can locate and disable keylogger software. Using network monitor, you can ensure that the user is notified each time when the application tries to make an interruption in the network connection. Overall, this helps security team to stop keylogger activity. The Application white-listing is useful to allow only authorize programs to run on the system. 

You have to check around the desk or back side of the CPU to identify hardware keyloggers. However, it is time consuming and not practical to implement hardware keylogger on a large scale. The system will prevent access with PS/2 and USB ports add to the user’s desktop setup. The extra precaution includes using a two-factor authentication (2FA). Hence, as a part of security an attacker cannot use a stolen password to log into a user’s account. You have to use voice-to-text and onscreen keyboard software instead of a physical keyboard.

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