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  • web crawling

    Manage Your Restaurant Business Reputation Using Web Scraping

    Making my business better with web scraping, web crawling and internet crawling, generating and analyzing reviews from social account. Does management sometimes get as hard as a businessman?

  • cloud storage

    What is Cloud Storage – Working And Types

    What is Cloud Storage (CS)? Cloud storage is a cloud computing model that keeps data on the Internet through a cloud computing provider. Basically cloud computing providers operate

  • Artificial Intelligence

    What is Artificial intelligence & Myths Regarding It

    Artificial Intelligence The modern and advance definition of AI (artificial intelligence) is “the study and design of intelligent agents”. Where an intelligent agent is a system that recognizes

  • antivirus

    What is Antivirus And Variant Types Of Antivirus

    What is antivirus (AV)? Antivirus is a computer software that helps protect your computer against cyber-criminals and malware. AV software scan all the data — files, web pages,

  • bitcoin

    What is Bitcoin And It’s Uses

    Bitcoin: A Form Of Currency You Don’t Afford to Miss Bitcoin is a type of digitally encrypted currency. In this a record of transactions are maintained and new

  • Data Wrangling

    What is Data Wrangling And What To Expect

    What is data? In computing, data (information) is translated into a form for efficient processing. Relative to today’s computers and transmission media, data that is information convert into

  • keystroke logging

    What is Keystroke Logging, Uses and Types

    Keystroke Logging Keystroke logging is also known as keyboard capturing. Similarly, it has other name as keylogging. This is the process of recording, and keys stroke logging on

William Golding who Understood Women!

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Data Driven Decisions [100% works!]

Data Driven Decisions

Data Driven Decisions: How Information Can Drive Success in Your Business Data Driven Decisions can help your business to grow up gradually. Your business exists in a highly dynamic world. The ability to connect to customers anywhere in the world also puts in competition with businesses all over the world. [...]

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Web Scraping Tutorial (Less Than 5 Minutes!)

Web Scraping Tutorial

Web Scraping Tutorial Using PHP in Less Than 5Minutes “Being a good citizen in a world full of spiders”  – Dimitrios Kouzis There are a few things to be aware of – let gets start web scraping tutorial with the easiest one. Before developing spider please check robots.txt file. You [...]

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Jeff Bezos Overtakes Bill Gates!

Jeff Bezos Overtakes Bill Gates

Jeff Bezos Overtakes Bill Gates! Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has overtaken Bill Gates and is now the richest person in the world, with a fortune topping $90 billion for the first time ever. When markets opened on Thursday, Bezos had a net worth of $90.6 billion, putting him $500 million [...]

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Business Mindset [Equilibrium Characteristics of Growth]

Business Mindset

Equilibrium Characteristics of Growth and Business Mindset Our main problem is we don’t know the key technique for a winning business mindset. Laws of attraction and intention are tricky businesses. By now it is clear that there is something universal with those two. The fact is that you’ll get what you [...]

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