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Every human being in this world wants to be a millionaire. Mostly youngsters always think about how to become a millionaire in a short time. If you also want to improve your business and want to take your business to the next level like Microsoft whose owner is Bill Gates then you are in the right place. Before telling about the case study I would like to give my introduction so that you don’t feel that I’m a stranger to you.


My name is Faruque Azam and I’m a professional data engineer and web scraping expert. As head of “wScraper – Web Scraping Services”, I lead all web scraping, automation & bot development projects and manage client relationships.

I provide my web scraping services to clients of all sizes. I work with individuals, eCommerce retailers, start-ups, corporates, SME/SMBs, academics and non-profits. I’m here to preserve your valuable time and money by exporting data to various usable formats by using web scraping technology.

I can aid your project by paving the way to your goal with more clarity and a higher probability of success.



Founded 45 years ago in 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen invented this company. They didn’t they were shaping the future in a way that gave a different definition to technology.

Microsoft manufactures and sells computer software and services. Their flagship product is the Microsoft operating system, better known as Windows. Apart from computing, it has also stepped into the gaming zone by launching Xbox video games.

The current CEO Satya Nadella has helped the company see its biggest revenue in the market. Moreover, In 2010, Microsoft was given hard competition by Apple, it held its place to the top again in 2018. Eventually, In 2019, Microsoft gained the 1 trillion dollar market cap, after Apple and Amazon. Do you think how Microsoft’s business goes to the next level?


Microsoft has some principles when it comes to collecting data. However, they believe in the user’s right to know which data is being collected and why. The company allows the user to be in control of their data. All the analysis is transparent. Every data is assembled concerning human fundamental rights and legal advice. Personal data such as emails or chats are not targeted owning to the user’s privacy. All collection of data is simply done for the welfare and satisfaction of us.

Microsoft collects data from our browsing and searches history further, It is the most common way of data collection. As a result, it can predict our next move and speeds up web browsing. It also in our hands to let the company do so. We always have the option to stop the collection of our browsing history.


It is fun to explore new places. But it may turn awry if we get lost. Microsoft thus keeps a check on our whereabouts by keeping a track on our GPS and IP addresses. Thus, It helps to find directions to new places. So, using such kind of data, Microsoft gets a fair idea of our interests and shows us some related ads. In fact, This makes our time on the software more entertaining.

Microsoft uses our data to boost their services. Moreover, with our reviews, it makes improvements in their features and updates. It makes detecting problems in the Windows operating systems easier and debugging for future use. Personal customer experiences are developed for the better.


The technology world would be so different if Microsoft hadn’t been founded. Writing on our computers without MS-Word is a world I don’t want to live in. Everything happens for a reason and Bill and Paul’s reason was to give a new perspective in mankind’s mind.

It initially rose to fame when it invented a new operating system, MS-DOS for IBM computers. Further, it sent the news to the crowd that Microsoft will bring something new and defined. After DOS, Microsoft released Microsoft Windows. With time it didn’t stop but launched more and better versions of Windows. It held a very high market share in the technology department.

Not limiting to computers, Windows OS was available for mobile phones and tablets as well. Companies like LG, HTC, Samsung, etc have taken up Windows OS for their products. Microsoft also the gaming world with its invention of Xbox which didn’t go unnoticed by the crowd. To keep up with its competitors Apple and Google, Microsoft acquired for 8.1 billion dollars. It is one of the company’s largest business decisions.


Thinking why your business is looking so stagnant. There can be many important and underlying reasons for this. The first foremost would be your data. There can be unnecessary data taking up your storage space with no intention of being useful. Data or web scraping can help get out of this problem.

Leading a one-man army is brave but sometimes can result in downhill. Making connections in the market is important. Set a future goal for your project. A path to nowhere will lead nowhere. For setting a goal, come strategies. Team up and discuss what things can harm or better your business.

Do you think about how your business can go to the next level? if yes, then Don’t be get afraid to spend money on your business. The business has risks and investments, both financial and physical. Taking risks does not mean you will fail. Sometimes these risks lead to path greater than you thought. Microsoft’s Bussiness Don’t be afraid to spend money on your business. The business has risks and investments, both financial and physical. Taking risks does not mean you will fail. Sometimes these risks lead to path greater than you thought.

To stay in the market, you have a business name to maintain. So, Do not fall shy on the quality and if anything, always improve it. It can be the case that the whole idea of the business was of yours. But that doesn’t mean you can handle it and implement your ideas to the real world all alone. Rather, you need support to keep your business growing and there is no harm asking for help. Two minds are better instead of one.


Bill and Paul were passionate about inventing, technology and computing. However, they didn’t know how big their business was going to be in 10 years or 50. Further, they were going with the flow, thinking with their minds. They started in a garage and ended up to be the company that is giving competition in the real market.

If you really want your business to reach the next level then don’t be afraid of taking risks. So, you should not be afraid to start from scratch. For example, the first cake is always burnt or undercooked. In the same way, It always takes a few experiments and churning of wheels of your brain to get it going right.  Don’t stop building from your failed projects. Therefore, try and try until you will succeed. This saying goes a long way without turning back.

This data will help you make crucial business decisions and turn your business into the success story that you had always pictured.

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