Fight Against COVID-19 By Entrepreneurs


The coronavirus outbreak is the first major human tragedy, affecting many people all around the world. In addition to the serious implications for people’s health and the healthcare services coronavirus (Convid-19) is having a significant growing impact on the global economy. Its impact is being felt by all businesses around the world. Leaders are navigating an enormous style of interrelated troubles that span from retaining their employees and patron protection, shoring- up cash and liquidity, reorienting operations, and navigating complicated government support applications. Before telling the perspective of the entrepreneurs on “Fight against COVID-19”, I’d like to give my short introduction.


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I hope you are safe! Yes, crazy times we’re living in right now! Be safe and stay at home. Now, let us see how this pandemic situation affects an entrepreneur’s life and business. How the entrepreneurs Fight against COVID-19? Their perspective has given below.



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The Impact Of The COVID-19 In The Entrepreneur’s Business/Life

COVID-19 affects the current situation, some of the clients who have worked for years for their biweekly/weekly/monthly task now put on hold until the situation becomes normal. In day to day life, all entrepreneurs are facing the problem and fight against the COVID-19. Moreover, it’s severely affected their job with regards to the business as they have a few important final Demo presentations with potential clients which is now need to postponed due to the COVID-19. In return, they may never be able to on-board those clients. As a result, they have slightly lower business requests at the moment.

“As the interaction with teammates now become virtual, it is not easy to keep them fully motivated. So it’s a challenge. Besides this, I also miss doing the office with them. We are experiencing some new things from clients. Like: Getting less Client request; Many clients are coming, messaging & in the final stage the just disappear; Few clients are trying to use this situation as getting the project done with an unbelievable lower price; whereas, Productivity is lower which is not expected, need to work on that. So, overall it is affecting. But let’s see”

Tofael H. Co- Founder & COO at TechCare

Changes Made By Entrepreneurs In Their Daily Life

To keep connected with their team, they do meetings several times with the team & individually also. They always motivate to work hard in order to maintain their work dignity. However, they are doing much more email marketing, FB & LinkedIn marketing. Till not getting that much response, but will continue doing content marketing. A little bit of offer pricing is also going on. Let’s see how that comes up as it totally depends upon the clients how they react. Correspondingly, they were more conscious of filtering those bad clients.

They were trying to have cost-reducing management to make things easier for the time being. Moreover, they are trying to inform potential users that they were now working from home, in the hope to get a good response but realize that this will takes time. Due to this pandemic situation, they have also decreased their monthly spending, so that they can go through this period without having any financial worries. Cost efficiencies are imperative for business sustenance and given this, organizations should further focus on the following ways of reducing cost-effective pyramid management and compensation management & driving pay-range discipline.

“I had to pay more attention to baby caring; Spending time with the family increased; Talking time over the phone with friends and family members increased; Watching/reading COVID-19 related news and reading news has been dramatically increased. I haven’t regular in terms of attending daily 5-times prayer which has become regular now. Hard to get a job desperately seeking long-term/short-term contract.”

Tariq A. Director Of Operations at Hoxro, UK

Audit Of Current Situations

They think it’s helping them in staying healthy, sane, and cheerful as well as they haven’t seen that much significant result as going not for a long time, will wait & keep working hard in a much more dynamic way. Moreover, they have hope that one-day people will start leading their normal life. While there are many people who don’t have personal business. As a result, they struggle everyday because their businesses/workplaces would be closed until this pandemic situation gets over, besides this, they have no fixed income.

Further, they still do exercises and eat fresh foods, using more online ordering, food delivery, and grocery pickup so they don’t have to go in-store. They also do lots of hand-washes as everyone does.

“I’m trying to get more sleep to boost immunity and help fight off any infections. We still get exercise and eat fresh foods. We’re using more online ordering, food delivery and grocery pickup so we don’t have to go in stores. On the rare occasion we go to a store, I’ll wear rubber gloves. Lots of hand-washing like everyone else! 

Attention is drawn on new skills development and aftermaths as a lot of things are likely to be changed as post-impact of COVID-19.”

Dan M. Serial Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor, USA

What We Can Do In This Situation

Now, we observed that workforce productivity while working remotely becomes the major concern area. Organizations will need to focus on building work alignment and work control through a structured work allocation and communication protocol. Providing meaningful work to employees, increased focus on business improvement and transformation initiatives, and e-learning and certifications can be explored in this time of crisis.

We need to focus on sustaining productivity in the context of remote working & shutdowns, ensuring well-being & engagement in case of sustained remote working, building cost management options as we face a deeper economic downturn. The opportunities for organizations lie in institutionalizing digital ways of working, rethinking workforce models and resource plans, revamping traditional employee engagement models and techniques, redesigning the performance management process, and restructuring benefits and policies.

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