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Every path of life is full of challenges. Every human being in this world wants to be a millionaire. Mostly youngsters always think about how to become a millionaire in a short time. Today’s world is full of competitions, as a result, everyone wants to win. If you also want to be a winner and think about how to avail the next million dollars strategies like Apple then you are in the right place. Before telling about the case study I would like to give my introduction so that you don’t feel that I’m a stranger to you.

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Do you ever think about how Apple becomes the Trillion Dollars company? If you want to avail the next Million Dollars Strategies just read it right now.


Listed as one of the Big Four Technology Companies, Apple was founded by tech maniacs Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. It initially started with designing personal computers but quickly grew. The company hired more genius minds and designed new features such as the graphical user interface.

Since it used the latest technology and released only the best of its computers, the products were priced at a high range. Moreover, this made the greater part of the crowd to incline to cheaper companies like Microsoft and Intel. But this fact did not scare the company. As a result, It continued and continues to launch new products, no matter the cost.

Here are the strategies to develop a company like apple.


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Recently Apple has announced that the customers can download the data the company has on them. According to them, it is a right for the users to know about these things. The downloads provided by them were also available in PDFs, Spreadsheets and vCard forms to make it easier for the user to access.

How Apple uses this data to their profit is another story. Since the data is so vast, Apple uses Big Data Analysis. This is the reason why the company is so popular even with its high-end products. Further, Apple uses this analysis to find which technology will attract the crowd and how to provide the best product and services. For this reason, it uses Big Data technologies like Hadoop or Large Scale Data Warehousing.

Apple also uses Beta Testing which is largely used by big companies. Big data analytics helps to check how the applications supported by Apple is being liked on devices like iPod, Macbook, iPhones, etc. Beta Testing lets the company test out some new features by allowing them on a fraction of users. The final product is made successful when improvements can be made. Customer reviews and ratings on Appstore are also an essential step for improvement.


Keeping up with its brand name, Apple spends a large amount of money on development in its products. With iPhones, came a very amusing virtual assistance, Siri. With witty remarks and intelligent enough to access our data directly for us, Siri has surely lived up to the brand name.

Apple provides an update for not only Macbooks but also iPhones, iPads and every product. They provide updates periodically and their customers buy the newly updated version.

Strategies can come in any shape, form or idea. Apple came up with the best one to date. The company is ready to pay 1 million dollars to anyone, hackers or techie experts who can hack into iPhones or Macbooks and point out some real vulnerabilities. It is a win-win situation. It will give Apple room for improvement and the hacker will win money for his intelligence.

Apple has teamed up with IBM to use Big Data Analysis for health-care. It is set to get data from millions of people and check who is most prone to critical care. This will help keep track of who needs constant care by monitoring devices and save money on medical costs. It is a step that can change the outlook of health-care and medical assistance.

Steve Jobs was said to leave the company in 1985, saying that he was very young to handle Apple. But he was called back when the company was bankrupted. Since then Jobs has done nothing till 2011 when he died of pancreatic cancer but put out great ideas into view. He first launched the iPod in 2001,  and then iPhone in 2007 which has gained the love of all. AppleTV is not far behind to reach the mountain top.


Apple likes to think like consumers. It sticks to its promise of providing the best feature in detail, living up to its brand name. Advertisement is the easiest way to impress buyers. The company builds a mesmerizing ad for the product that it keens the consumer even before buying it. The customers are free to touch and try the product, successfully building trust in all the shops. It takes into account the customer’s shopping experience and only enhances it further.

As Steve Jobs said, “You have to start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology.” Apple concentrates on the consumer’s happiness and makes it their priority to fulfill the needs of the crowd. It has to keep the competition in the market by launching new products. This maintains the interest of its regular consumers.  Apple still holds the expensive end in the technology market. It always delivers the best of best. Therefore the buyers still deviate from its products.


Think different has been the slogan of Apple and Steve Jobs has stuck to it ever since. Looking at how Apple rose to fame, it tells us that you should have many strategic ideas when starting. Think about what you want to provide to the customer and make a brand statement. Team up and make plans for the future. There should be a plan if you fail. There should be a plan if you succeed. Make smart decisions on how you should execute your marketing plans. When it is time to analyze the performance of your business, Big Data Analytics is the best tool you can find. From finding out customer’s review to errors, it helps to uplift your game. To avail the next million dollars strategies then you have to think the right ideas and put it in the right way.

This data will help you make crucial business decisions and turn your business into the success story that you had always pictured.

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