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Today’s world is full of socializing, whenever we listen to the socializing we always think about Facebook, who is now a brand on its own. People may not know your business but they surely know Facebook. If you also want to create your own brand and always think about how you can boost your company as Mark Zuckerberg did then you are in the right place. Before telling about the case study I would like to give my introduction so that you don’t feel that I’m a stranger to you.

My name is Faruque Azam and I’m a professional data engineer and web scraping expert. As head of “wScraper – Web Scraping Services”, I lead all web scraping, automation & bot development projects and manage client relationships.

I provide my web scraping services to clients of all sizes. I work with individuals, eCommerce retailers, start-ups, corporates, SME/SMBs, academics and non-profits. I’m here to preserve your valuable time and money by exporting data to various usable formats by using web scraping technology.

I can aid your project by paving the way to your goal with more clarity and a higher probability of success.


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The question, Why should you invest in web scraping may arise, but as you know Your business is new and it is facing complications so the answer is very simple to that question that is the web scraping.

There are tons of data on the internet but You don’t need all of it. What you need is not big data but smart data and for that, web scraping is the road you take. You only extract the useful data, saving time and storage, Similarly, there are particular keywords that will enhance your business and using such words will make your company reach the people at a faster rate. It also enables us to change the data according to market trends. Moreover, This feature can help us in analyzing and shaping our profit.

Some websites make it tough to scrape data from them. Therefore, many tools and software have been built. I make the best use out of these tools to deliver the required outcome.


You set up your e-commerce project and prepare a nice layout. But it is still not meeting the public’s eyes. There is so much data that is disorganized which will take hours to fix. Web scraping or data extraction then helps you to stand above your competitors in the business and grow your business. Apart from this, It can help you to boost your company as Mark Zuckerberg did.


It assists you to list the right price for your products and optimize the profit. Market changes frequently and it is essential to look out for trends that people follow and how much they are willing to pay for it. With business comes the likelihood of it crashing down. Web scraping thus helps to calculate and make you aware of such risks that may come along. It also analyses the positive, negative or neutral customer reviews, which in today’s world the first thing that the user checks. Web scraping fastens the extraction rate of such reviews, saving a lot of time.

One very popular example is the rise of Facebook. I remember 10 years ago, few people knew about Facebook and used them only for the sake of entertainment. Today, there are movies been made on how a small idea rose so high that there are millions of employees working under the company.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has turned his idea into dreams of many. As shown in the movie The Social Network, initially just limited to students of Harvard, Facebook gained the attention of many students. Not limiting to be Facebook just a social website where you could only add friends and talk to them, Zuckerburg knew he wanted something big. Apart from interaction with people from all around the world, the website gave marketing a new definition. Facebook opened the doors for many e-commerce websites selling products online. This kind of marketing is called Direct Marketing where the seller delivers products directly to buyers.


Facebook allows us to list our interests. Like what movies we watch, where do we go, what we like to eat, etc. This all is stored as data. Facebook then clubs people of similar interests and presents them ads and pages which may attract the. This algorithm is called EdgeRank and increases interaction between the users. The marketers who have created a page of their business then get customers. If we click on ads, Facebook keeps that data as our preferences and categorizes the data even further. In conclusion, you can boost your company like Mark Zuckerberg.

For Instance, it keeps track of our interests and with time our interests change. Facebook then segregates and prioritizes such data and then introduces new products or ads to the user.

 The people may not know your business but they surely know Facebook. One can boost brand awareness by setting up creative advertisements for their business.


Web scraping is the procedure that one should follow when starting an e-commerce business. What we can do to quickstart our business is by making a strategy. Targeting the right age group placing ads on other websites to gain recognition. Facebook has only relevant data. Our company also has to look clutter-free. It should contain information that will get stuck in the customer’s mind. Web scraping also leads to automation, making the work of humans easier.

Test out small projects to random people to check if the impact is in the right direction. This is called a survey. When starting a new project, you might think a feature is important to be included in your project. But after completing the survey, that feature had the least influence. Hence by running out sample surveys, you can save storage for more essential data. While starting a business, it is important to keep in mind what the crowd is looking for. In this modern world, trends keep coming and going. It is our duty to be updated.


What Zuckerberg did with Facebook, you can do too. It all starts small. He believed in something, he did it. His confidence grew and he took the risk of giving people what he thought they needed. But by taking risks smartly, you can take your business to the next level. For that, I am here to make sure that you are spending your resources in the right direction to get the best results. If web scraping is art, then I am the artist. Let me paint the best version of your project.

This data will help you make crucial business decisions and turn your business into the success story that you had always pictured.

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