Boats and Yachts Data And API Creation [Web Scraping]

boats & yachts data and api creation
boats & yachts data and api creation [Web Scraping]

Scrape all listings boats & yachts data and pics for each advertisement continually along with url. Check every 24 hour period for any changes or updates to any of the ads.

At each scrape every 24 hours.

Check for any difference in the listing text
Check for chasing its status( sold, sale pending etc..)
Change in price Find duplicates
Change in broker name
Change in location

After scraping…group each listing into “same” so we can do calculations.

  • Avg days on market for each yacht
  • # of boats currently on market total
  • # of boats of each “ same” boat currently on the market
  • # of boats all year or within 6 months
  • Avg listing price for each boat
  • Avg selling price ( using data from boat wizard)
  • Avg engine hours $ amount above or below
  • Avg market price if low price and low
  • # days sold ( combos of these scenarios)
  • # of people viewing each listing # of offers presented
  • # of people who favorited Open listing or exclusive

Data to be parsed from free-form text descriptions or structured data.

  • Engine hours
  • Common options
  • Engine warranty
  • Motivation ( the word motivated)
  • Engine sizes
  • Common engines for each make/model

Create a restful API for front-end developers.

You would like to scrape YachtWorld and Yatco daily for new listings that match specific terms. Maybe you’re searching YachtWorld manually and entering keyword tags from the listings into your CRM to match buying prospects’ desired criteria to the listings. The criteria list will expand over time.

You may need to have boats & yachts data for your business. Let me know your details requirements, I’ll help you getting your expected results.

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