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Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Faruque Azam and I‘m a professional data engineer and custom bot developer specializing in web scraping & automation.

More than 6800 Hours direct engagements in turning websites into usable data by using reliable, fast and advanced web scraping techniques.

Through advanced web scraping techniques, I can extract ANY information from the internet so you get the data you need cost-effectively. Data Extraction from 100,000s of pages with millions of requests and implementation of custom bot & automation are not uncommon for a large project.

✅ Providing complete web scraping services to any solopreneur, small business, from startups to Fortune 500’s and also work with individuals, start-ups, academics, corporates, SME/SMBs and non-profits.

✅✅ Capable of defeating most advanced recaptchas and able to subdue all kind of anti-scraping efforts.

Your business needs access to ALL latest data EVERYTHING relevant to your market, just name it what data you need and let me take care of the rest.

I always focus on results and value that would serve my customers intended purposes. All happy clients.

Faruque is incredibly talented and I immensely enjoyed working with him. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with and his high level of communication skills make him an asset to any team. Additionally he’s deep technical knowledge ensures he delivers the best possible outcomes. I look forward to working with you again!

– Michael R., AUS

Faruque is the real deal, there is a reason why his one of the top rated guys here. His communication and attention to detail is excellent. I already have more work lined up for him.

– Yaniv L, USA

Faruque has been great in helping us further scope our requirements given is depth of knowledge. Once we have it nailed down – he then executes against the project flawlessly. We will continue to work together.

– Leslie O., UK

Faruque is very knowledgeable about data scraping and data mining. He is very professional, trustworthy, reasonable and easy to work with. He not only did the job, he also provided tips and advice on what’s best for us.

– Nina Andersen, Sweden


Development & Scraper stack:

I am using Ubuntu server/instance, cloud platform of Google Cloud Platform [GCP], Amazon Web Services [AWS] and DigitalOcean . In addition, I’m operating a few Source Code Managment [SCM] tools git, github, gitlab and bitbucket to manage Source Code.

Professional experience in handling couple of relational and non-relational databases [MySQL, MongoDB for NoQSL]. Export data to CSV, XML,JSON MySQL, mongoDB, TXT, Amazon S3, Google Sheets, Azure, SalesForce, Airtable etc. However, most clients prefer CSV data format.

All custom web scraping scripts I have developed using Python3, Scrapy Framework, php, selenium and IP rotation to facilitate large/long-running collections, extracting from dynamic or obfuscated sources, or extracting data requiring a login to access.

Tell me your project requirements so I can get you an accurate quote – my price is based on number of records, data points, number of websites and complexity of the project.

When we talk, I will be focused firstly on your details requirements and :

a) Help you to establish your exact goals, the scope of the project and clarify exact details as a result that will be a successful project
b) Save you time and money by adding in suggestions for improving the value of the work I serve to you
c) Deliver a step by step proposal for how I will solve your problems
d) Faster turn around. In other words Deliver the solution, in whatever time frame you need it.

Whatever you need I am more than happy to talk, and at least determine if I am the right person for your project.

Email: azam[at]wscraper.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/faruque/
Upwork: https://www.upwork.com/fl/faruque